Under the business name ‘red+yellow=orange’, I have worked as a motion graphics designer after graduating with a Master degree in Digital Media.

My CV includes film titles, trailers, television commercials, promos, corporate work, video clips and launch installations for major corporate clients and installation work for museums.

With an extensive portfolio in the industry, I have worked in a vast number of post-production companies.

By being involved in a broad range of design jobs, I have benefited from each experience, which in turn has driven my professional development and creativity. Some examples of my professional experience and achievement specific to motion graphic design are featured below.

Titanic- Birth of a Legend       Film Trailer 

Toyota Yaris       Cinema Release in conjuction with the film “Sex in the City” 

Enemies Closer       Film Title 

Toyota Land Cruiser 200       Corporate Launch Video 

Kia Rio       Channel 7 TVC 

Life Ect Magazine       ABC TVC Promo  

Limelight Magazine       ABC TVC Promo  

Gardening Austrlaia Magazine       ABC TVC Promo  

AFL Magazine       ABC TVC Promo  

Girlforce       Target in store Promotion  

New Beijing: Reinventing a City          Documentary Title Design  

Cuban Portraits         Documentary Title Design 

Advertix           Corporate Video    

Organic Gardener Magazine       ABC TVC Promo 

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