With many years in the industry as a designer, I have vast experience in broadcast and video post-production. From film and television to corporate video, my career has seen me focus primarily on motion design, both in a full-time capacity as senior designer in a post-production company, as well as on a freelance basis.

I have a Masters in Digital Media (University of Western Sydney), Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art (Victorian College of the Arts) and Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology).

But now I have decided to work full time on my own artistic work, which was enhanced by establishing a studio at Lennox Street Studios in 2008. So, when I had some down time on a job, I went off to the studio for the day.

What did I do before those years in design…? Well, I painted! I have always had a studio since I was 17 years old. But the years of living off banana smoothies and toast had me succumb to working in the design industry.

But yet again, its time for another change…

Now working as a full-time artist here in Asia, I live in Singapore, having done a tour of duty in Hong Kong for a number of years after leaving Sydney.

I have a strong passion for the arts: it is my life! I love what I do and have enjoyed the colourful journey it has taken me on.

My ongoing obsession with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Classic Cars keeps me working everyday, along with other projects ever evolving.





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