Enjo – Korean Artist

At the Affordable Art Fair in Singapore this month I came across a young artist from Korea called Enjo.

Couldn’t find that much about him, but have a link here to the gallery that represented him in Singapore.

Gallery Form

What I did find out that he was born in 1986, Busan, Korea and studied sculpture at Dong–a University. Has mainly exhibited in galleries in Korea from 2010.

Absolutely loved the geometric compositions of this sculptures and the two painting that were featured. The art works are well thought out, with the use of positive and negative space. I’m a sucker for great graphic elements in a painting, not for the subject matter but how to make a simple geometric shape bring a dynamic feel. Not a simple task.

I couldn’t even find a great image of his artwork online, (a few from Gallery Form) but I have also scanned a dishevelled piece of paper that I had from the exhibition that had examples of his work on it, sorry this piece paper doesn’t bring the works any justice, but you get the idea. Sorry Enjo!

Enjo ENJOscan


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