Social Punishment And Menace

You open your email when you arrive at work, check it on your smartphone when you get up in the morning or while you’re on the bus or train on the way to start your day.

A few emails from friends and of course, the work emails!

But the reality is the majority of email traffic we are greeted by are from people trying to sell you energy pills, Viagra, Ray Bans or this season’s Louis Vuitton bags at 90% off; the guarantee of riches beyond your wildest imagination (how did they know I was that desperate for $20 million dollars?); the promise of love and companionship (I will never be lonely again).

All these riches from a faceless stranger! Just make sure you email back your passport number, bank and credit card details… There’s always a price to pay…

SPAM – the scourge of modern society and an irritating and sometimes harmful by-product of the age of information. The sad reality is that the volume of SPAM can be greater than the amount of legitimate emails received in our inboxes. The truly impersonal side of society’s communications.




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