Just got back from Paris and I was lucky to pick up three fantastic books all about Alice.

It just goes to show how many wonderful artist have illustrated this book, especially French artist Rebecca Dautremer version. Exquisite detail and imagery. I purchased two of these books up at the Louvre Bookshop and the other at the Pompidou Bookshop, I was so excited!!!

Illustrated by Rebecca Dautremer

It’s a superb French edition of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (Alice Aux Pays Des Merveilles) beautifully illustrated, with such luminosity and detail. The composition of these illustrations are so sopschicated and admirable. Another impressive and unique take on this story.

Rebecca Dautremer Website

Alice Rebecca2

ALICE RACONTÉE AUX PETITS   (Alice told to small) Literaly translated.

Illustrated by Annelore Parot

This is a wonderful Pop-up book with zippers, wheels, shutters. This book is from the story for younger audience like The Nursery Alice.
Its very interactive with a wonderful interpretation of Alice, a wonderful color palette is used to illustrate Alice’s wonderland. Lots of strange animals and fun hands on encounters.

Annelore Parot Website


PETITE ALICE AUX MERVEILLES  (Little Alice in Wonderland)
Illustrated by Emmanuel Polanco

This book sees Alice as a redhead, with her yellow dress and blue stockings. Its freehand in style which gives it a fresh dynamic. Some have suggested its influenced by 1950’s advertisements.

Emmanuel Polanco Website

Petite alice2


  1. Gorgeous! I had meant to ask you if you’d found any more Alices during your travels! The cover of the last one you mention reminds me of the Tintin books. xo

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