I was fortunate enough to be given this book in July.

On my search about the book I found this extract from Michael Organ Home Page

Australian editions
From 1866 through to the 1940s the Australian market sourced copies of the Alice books primarily from UK and US publishers, thus obviating the need for an Australian printing during a period when quality book presses were not readily available. Local variants were slow to appear, even after the expiration of UK copyright for Alice in Wonderland in 1907 which saw a plethora of newly illustrated volumes appear in markets such as the US. The first was the Adelaide Observer Christmas issue of December 1869 which included an edited version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland written ‘expressly for this paper’. This very early adaptation is the only known instance of a local printing, in any form, prior to 1889 when Melbourne bookseller E.W. Cole offered for sale a 94 page edition of Alice in Wonderland bearing the note “Printed in England for E.W. Cole” on the title page. It was published by Ward, Lock & Co. and illustrated by American artist Blanche McManus.

book all the book

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