Wide Open Digital

Good news, I was awarded a Stellar Art Award for an online exhibition for Digital Arts: California

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“Our latest exhibit, “Wide Open Digital,” showcases exciting innovative work by 67 digital artists and photographers from 22 countries. This show includes 293 images that range, in style and technique, from one end of the digital spectrum to the other. These images represent some of the most talented work in digital arts around the globe.
We are very pleased that our shows draw such international interest, from both entrants and viewers. “Wide Open Digital” is no exception. We would especially like to welcome artists from countries being represented for the very first time: Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guatemala, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Serbia, and the Ukraine.
We three judges—Gary Viskupic, Glen Christensen, and I—took great care in considering all the images entered. Ultimately, we selected, from among the finalists, 3 images to receive a Gold Stellar Art Award and 18 images to receive a Stellar Art Award.
I would like to mention that this was a very competitive show, and thus, having even one image chosen for inclusion is a high honor. As much as we would have liked to have included every entrant in the show, we did not. But, we can say that every image we evaluated showed promise. We hope that those artists whose work was not chosen will continue working to further that promise. ”


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