An idea has to start from somewhere….
I’m always asked, “Why the passion for ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and where did it all start?”
One evening, I was looking to read a book to my daughter and I suggested ‘Alice Adventures in Wonderland’.
We started reading and after one chapter, she turn around and exclaimed “What’s happening, Mum?”
And after me explaining every page, she was bored instantly. She had completely lost interest!
It all seemed too complicated for a bedtime story.
But not for me; I kept reading and image after image started to fill my head.
I remember as a child, I didn’t read the book at all so I associated ‘Alice’ with Walt Disney’s version.
My first year at art school, again I tried to read it but again didn’t even get half way through.
But this time around, I wasn’t going to let it get the better of me!
With images flooding my thoughts, the idea of illustrating my own version came to mind. So that’s where the journey begins…
I loved the idea of putting my images to Carroll’s words. Written so long ago in another time and era and injecting it into my time and era.
I appreciate the speed in which the world changes, but also love the choice of looking back, reinterpreting and keeping history alive.
Right at once, in fact the first paragraph, the words, “What is the use of a book”, thought Alice, “without pictures and conversation.”
I have seen it re-quoted over and over again but a truer word had not been said. It has prompted illustrator after illustrator from all over the globe to add their interpretation to Carroll’s words. The conversations throughout the book, especially Alice to herself, are gibberish and absurd!
Alice’s remark about “books without pictures” speaks for Carroll’s own attitude and his eagerness to excite and delight readers not only with words but also with images too.
He too took on his own pursuit to find the ideal person to illustrate his book.
As a perfectionist, his attention to detail was immense and apparently at time difficult to work with his quest for such high standards.

Below is a small taste of the illustrations I have created.
At this stage, I am 80% there and I hoping with the next 6 months it will be ready to publish and will again bring a fresh approach to a well-known story.


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