Well its official, I finally have rented a studio in Hong Kong.

I have been here for a year now and it looks like we are here longer. How long I'm not quite sure. So with that I have taken the bull by the horns and have rented a studio space.

Due to limited space and high rents in Hong Kong I feel very fortunate that I am now the proud occupant of my 500 sq feet space in De Voeux Road West. Everyone talks in square feet in this town. It's a very corporate orientated country and commercially driven, where money measures success so trying to tap into the creative HK will be a challenge.

Des Voeux Road is where all the HK trams route travels. The road was named after Sir George William Des Voeux who was the 10th Governor of Hong Kong in 1887.

This area is packed with dried seafood shops, all selling the most amazing looking food. Apparently 50 years ago the area was called the ‘Salty Fish Hood’ because most shops sold salty fish.  But now all the above buildings are high rise residential and all the ground floor are still selling anything from abalone to shark fins. It’s a wonderful sight walking through here looking at all the dried seafood literally drying in cane baskets along the footpath and lane ways.

I will definitely need to buy some dried fish and start drawing it, just for the memories. I swear I saw some weird looking dried eel or maybe it was snake on the sidewalk a few days ago.

This area is definitely a feast for the eyes and nose. Always busy with lots of butchers and markets thrown in the mix.

Below I posted the first photographs, just an empty shell…

Empty studio

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