I have been totally immersing myself in a bit of cultural the last couple of weeks.
Art, Film and Ballet.

I could rave on forever but decided to keep it brief and post links for you to check out!


Joshua Yeldman 
What an amazing Australian landscape artist.
Exhibition was at the Cat Street Gallery in Hollywood Road, titled 'Two Rivers' and was works from the Hawkesbury River in Oz and Yulong River in China.
An extensive exhibition, took me over an hour to look at all the piece.
That's the longest I have been in a commercial gallery for a while.
His works are so interesting. He uses the owl as his metaphor, muse or alter ego, Im not quite sure which one, maybe all! But they radiant warmth and have a fluidity that is so mesmerising.




Midnight in Paris
Fantastic, for all art lovers near and far. I should mention first that Owen Wilson has redeemed himself as an actor. After his last film Hall Pass, I thought the end is nigh!
“Midnight in Paris” is a Woody Allen film and it embraces the passion for the arts in Paris in the 1920's.

It features an exclusive list of  famous writers and artists from the era.
At midnight Gil, a writer (Owen Wilson) finds himself transported back to 1920's where he mingles with the likes of the Fitzgeralds followed by Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Modigliani, Matisse, Luis Bunuel, Josephine Baker, Van Gogh, Picasso, Man Ray, T.S. Elliot, Cole Porter and several more.


This film is about Pina Bausch a German dancer and a choreographer of modern dance.
And the founding member of Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch.
It was shot in 3D by director Wim Wenders, if you dont know his work, you may be familiar with his film 'Wings of Desire'.

She died at the age of 68 of cancer only five days after diagnosis.

Her best-known dance-theatre works include Café Müller (1978), in which dancers stumble around the stage crashing into tables and chairs, and a thrilling Rite of Spring (1975), which required the stage to be completely covered with soil. Both which are featured in part in the film.
If you love modern dance then this film is a must see.
A beautifully shot film, with the 3D element enhancing the environment, it pays homage to one of the worlds most significant choregraphers.



The National Ballet of China

Went to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre for the first time to see this ballet.
I have a view of this building from my office and bedroom and have been curious to see the inside!

back to the ballet….

We saw the 'Ballet Gala' which were works that represented the East and West.
It was a combination of Chinese and Western balletic traditions.
I must say the first part of the programme, the 'Homage to Chinese Ballet' was excellent.

'Red Lantern Dance' and Pas de Deux from Raise the Red Lantern was so vibrant and beautiful,

 but the 'The Red Detachment of Women Act II' was fantastic.

When this ballet "The Red Detachment of Women" is back in HK, I will be the first to book!
In brief its a combination of classical ballet while adding a contemporary feel and Chinese characteristics, while infusing China's national spirit.
Story Line
It is set in Hainan Island in the 1930s, The Red Detachment of Women follows the story of a maid who struggles to escape from her tyrannical landlord. With the help of a Red Army cadre, the maid is transformed from a peasant girl into a soldier. 

The second part of the program was a 'Tribute to Masters of the World'.

My favourite were;

William Forsythe Pas de Deux from In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated
and John Cranko Pas de Deux from Onegin Act III.


The Red Detachment of Women


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