One of the joys about being an artist is coming across artist you have never heard of before.
This was apparent at my recent visit to the Hertitage Museum in HK.
The exhibition was ‘MADE IN BRITAIN’ Contemporary Art from the British Council Collection 1980 – 2010.

JOHN WOOD / PAUL HARRISON have never heard of these artist before and I totally love them.
New Favourites!

“Bristol-based duo Paul Harrison and John Wood could be described as an art-world equivalent to Laurel and Hardy. Their videos, showing their dead-pan antics as they dangle precariously from a ladder, slide on office chairs around the back of a moving van, and submit themselves to a drenching from dozens of watering cans, are both hilarious and thought provoking”
I have seen lots of video art.
Have persisted with some awfully boring subject matter, until now. These artist have revived my faith in video performance art. I hardly ever laugh when I’m at an art gallery, (unless its a sinister laugh to snicker how bad a piece is), but this made me laugh out loud.
Watch interview and video works from this site:


Watering Cans


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