The Hong Kong International Art Fair is in town and it wasn’t disappointing.

Its was at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and there was about 260 galleries from 38 countries.

You need time to see all the work; Probably over two days would have been the best. I was completely ‘arted’ out by the time I finished upstairs and still had another floor to go, but as I only had one day to see it all, I persisted!!
I started with the section called ART FUTURES, which was fantastic. It’s by emerging artists represented by galleries established within the last five years. 


One of the most powerful pieces I saw was an interactive 3D installation by
Sarah Kenderdine and Jeffery Shaw.
It was based on Samuel Beckett’s ”The Lost Ones”
The structure is a 5m diameter hexagonal construction with six rear-projected screens all in 3D.
Must wear 3D glasses to view.
The imagery is computer-generated figures, walking around naked and hairless
looking bruised and tortured. 
There are six torches in front of each screen, you use the light from the torch to
peer into the virtual world. Very confronting piece.
Check out the website to read more about this work in depth.

Artists I loved.
Japanese Artist, Kimiyo Mishima, taking pop art to the next level. Artist, Takafumi Hara, comic style pop art, that just runs off the walk (literally)

Taiwanese Contemporary Photography Artist, Wu Tien-Chang
A combination of portrait photography and processing using computer graphics software.
You can see why I was lovin’ his work!

The young japanese artist, Miki Taira, with her skilled calligraphy and linen sculptures

Leila Pazooki
Berlin Artist with her piece ‘Identity and Art’ with neon signs with plagues of chinese copy artist 
Also work a mention was Christopher Hanrahan work.
A fellow Sydneysider, His work was a tube-steel sculptures which hung over them silk imagery of pigeons. I will have to look out for his work once I’m back home.
The other International artist that really stood out were:
Locust Jones (he is a New Zealander) who just takes drawing to a whole new level and Zadok Ben-David, a london based artist works of miniature trees. I think the title of the works is ‘Blackfield’ and are just so intricate, haunting and beautiful at the same time.
www.zadokbendavid.comThere was a cross-section of the very best. There was lots of representation from Sydney and Melbourne galleries; all the big names: Tolanos, Annandale Gallery, Anna Schwartz, Roselyn Oxley, GrantPirrie, Dominik Mersch, GBK.
I saw Tim Johnson’s works represented by Tolarno’s; they looked great. I think there were seven or eight works along the wall. Looked really impressive and also Patricia Piccinini was part of the same gallery with her sculptural work called, The Stags. When I was at VCA, I use to have a studio space right next to Patricia and Tim is one of the artists at Lennox street. I had a warm fuzzy feeling going on when I thought about that!
Patricia Piccinini
Tim Johnson

I saw Ben Quilty with his family there and I rocked up enough courage to say hi and how much I loved his work.
All probably a little awkward, blonde chick, with bright pink and blue eyeshadow, singing his praises!!! But it was great to see his work. Tim and I have always been big fans. And are secretly kicking ourselves we didn’t invest in one of his pieces many years ago before it became all too exxy!  If you haven’t seen the work, Inhabit, you soooo have to check it out. I loved this work and it was one of the best works I had seen last year. The Art Gallery of South Australia purchased the work. So when in SA check it out.
Its funny being far way from home. It was so nice to see some familiar art works and
also to see how talented Australian artists are. 
Well, that my HK art Fair wrap up.  I think I mention a great array of artists.
There was plenty to see and I’m sure I have missed a whole group of artists worthy of a mention.Art-Fair




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