With the typhoons season just about to hit Hong Kong.

I think it a great idea to kick start more work on this series,  “A Storm in a Teacup”.
I have finally found an art store in HK, a place to get my canvases printed (and they deliver).
I have built a desk in the spare room, the blinds get delivered tomorrow so I am finally setup.
The obsession with Alice still continues and there are lots more ideas to explore…
Hong Kong is not an arty place on the surface and I would say I haven’t yet scratched
the surface of the art scene. Getting a studio here might be a dream,but I really need
to do more research. I have visited lots of galleries and seeing what HK artist are up to.
I have expressed interest in exhibiting in two galleries, so I will see what comes of that.
The story so far….
I am an artist who has just recently arrived in Hong Kong from Sydney, Australia.
(There is also another rant about all this in the ‘About’ section)
I am currently working on a series of works based around the book ‘Alice in Wonderland’.
I have been creating a series of black and white images interpreting the story. 
Some parts of the paintings are created in Adobe Illustrator, printed onto canvas and
then the rest is hand painted and drawn to get the desired effect.
This series has a strong graphical influence. The works also incorporate collage elements,
namely buttons and dollies, to help lift the story off the canvas.
Also included in this series is a video animation that currently runs in a loop for 10 minutes.
Then there are the photo media works, they capture each of the characters of the book in a portrait-like manner. My philosophy for these works are the more over the top the better. I have only done one shoot to date of the Mad Hatter, Alice, the Queen of Hearts and the Mouse. In the pipeline, I have the King and the Rabbit to shoot. I’m hoping when I go back to Australia in July I can shoot these two characters, so stay tuned…
You can click on my website with details of the work and my biography.

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